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Victoreen Instruments makes a wide range of quality assurance measurement equipment for radiation therapy, diagnostic X-ray and radiation safety surveys.

Product Information:

Quality Assurance - Diagnostic X-Ray Measurement Equipment:

  • NERO mAx Model 8000 Maximum Speed and Capability X-ray Test Device for Non-Invasive X-ray Generator Testing.
  • Model 4000M+ X-ray Test Device for Non-Invasive X-ray Generator Testing

Radiation Therapy Measurement Equipment:
  • Model 530 Precision Electrometer/Dose meter- Primary Dose Calibration
  • Model 7200 Double Check - Linear Accelerator Multiple Parameter Testing
  • Model 7000 THEBES Therapy Beam Analyzer - Real Time Symmetry and Flatness Testing

Radiation Safety Measurement Equipment
  • Model 190 Survey and Count Rate Meter
  • Model 489-110D GM Pancake Probe for Contamination Surveys
  • Model 90-12 Energy Compensated GM Cylindrical GM Probe for Area Surveys
  • Model 450P High Sensitivity Pressurized Ion Chamber for Area Surveys
  • Model 450B Wide Utility Ion Chamber Survey Meter for Alpha/Beta/Gamma Surveys
  • Model 440 RF/D Low Energy RF Shielded Survey Meter for CRT Screen Measurements
  • Model 1060AM Digital Smart Detector Area Monitor

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