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Protective Aprons

Dental Aprons

Univest-X Inc. is proud to manufacture the finest X-Ray Protective Garments on the market today with an unsurpassed level of quality and workmanship.

Whether your requirement is for a medical, dental, nuclear or x-ray room application, Univest-X's custom lead casting, fabrication, machining and finishing capabilities will ensure that you get a product that fits your requirements!

Located in the province of Quebec, Canada, we now ship all around the world !

Our last product for O.R


  • Univest-X Comfort Design
  • Open armhole design with Velcro release enables removal without compromising sterile field
  • Loops attached at shoulders for proper hanging & storage
  • .38mm or .5mm lead equivalent
  • Frontal apron

Available in Univest-X Lite or Univest-X Economy weights


  • custom embroidery
  • pockets

There are no secrets in making a Light-Weight apron,
the secret is in the Quality!

APRONS- We are proud to manufacture the finest quality aprons on the market today. At Univest-X full quality control allows us to closely inspect each individual product through its stages of manufacture to completion. Unlike other companies we Specialize in Radiation Protection. All of our lead materials are processed and examined for pinholes and streaks using a calibrated optical densitometer. This process allows us to insure a consistent .50mm Pb barrier and to meet the highest standards for radiation protection. Our superior lead shielding and durable material coverings and bindings combine to produce a premium product. All Aprons are available in

that is approx 30% lighter than standard aprons.

SIZES- With the widest range of models Univest-X Aprons are available in standard S, M , L, and XL sizes. We also produce Custom Aprons male/female made to your exact specifications and measurements for maximum comfort, all the while maintaining our high level of quality and workmanship.

MATERIALS / COLORS- 100% Stain free Nylon coverings are used on all aprons and are available in a wide variety of in-stock colors. If we don’t have the color you are looking for let us know and we will get it! Extra duty buckles and original Velcro brand fasteners are used to produce a long lasting apron.

EXCLUSIVE DOUBLE SEWN POCKETS- These extra durable pockets are guaranteed not to tear and provide a handy storage area, available on all aprons, skirts & vests.

PERSONALIZED EMBROIDERY- Personalized embroidery is also available to customize your apron, available in block or script just specify your Name or Logo and we will personalize your apron. Available in a wide variety of colors.

REPAIRS- Do you have an apron that needs repairs, is your apron to big? At Univest-X we can make your apron smaller for a perfect fit. We can also recover your old aprons, change the Velcro or Buckles and even change a sheet of lead that has a hole. Give a new life to your old apron!

ACCESSORIES- No we do not stop at aprons, we also have a wide variety of accessories to serve your needs. From thyroid collars to positioning blocks, cervical weight bags to orthopedic belts, all of our accessories are of the highest quality available.

TWO YEAR WARRANTY- Univest-X guarantees all products and has a “two year warranty” on all aprons and accessories.



At Univest-X you can customize your aprons, and add different features to create the perfect apron for your needs. Options are available on all aprons, skirts & vests.

# 1: Attached Thyroid Collar.

# 2: Pocket.

# 3: Personalized Embroidery: Available in BLOCK or SCRIPT.

# 4: Logo.

# 5: Extra Velcro or Extra Buckles.

# 6: Shoulder Pads.

# 7: Extra-Length.

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