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The Unfors X-ray meters allows single or multi-parameter measurements on a variety of X-ray modalities. The meters measure kVp, dose, dose rate, mA, mAs, exposure time, pulse and dose/frame dependent of the model of your choice.

Our goal, while designing the Unfors X-ray Service and QA meters, is to use the latest technology to produce the simplest, easy to set-up meters to obtain immediate, accurate results. All is done with the objective to make measurements easier. Easy for you!
Traditionally dose is measured with an ion chamber connected to a bias voltage supply and an electrometer. With the Unfors X-ray Service and QA meters accurate dose measurements can easily be performed by anyone, due to low cost and state-of-the-art technical features utilizing sealed silicon detectors. This design gives technical advantages such as:
  • Excellent energy response
  • No back scattering
  • No temperature or pressure corrections
  • No drift
  • No warm-up time
  • No bias supply

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