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Interventional radiology procedures are considered to be essential to medical diagnosis and treatment. It is recognized, however, that exposure to radiation is also potentially harmful to the staff that is required to perform these procedures.

The Unfors EDD-30 is the first device that will alert one who is unnecessarily exposed within one second of exposure.
  • Immediate Warnings (within one second)
  • Easy to wear
  • Small sensor
  • Spherical response
Learn to avoid being unnecessarily exposed to radiation. See how you can use the Unfors EDD-30 to increase your awareness and decrease your dose. Animation >>
The lightweight design of the Unfors EDD-30 allows you to place the display in the apron pocket or strapped about the waist with the customized case and belt provided with the meter. Being light-weight and small, the Unfors EDD-30 will not obstruct the procedure. Movie >>
The unique Unfors EDD-30 sensor has a spherical response whereby it accurately measures the dose independent of the incident angle of radiation. Having the sensor mounted on the cable prevents directional dependency and allows one to place the sensor on extremities or other parts of the body.

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Product:  Unfors EDD-30  

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