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We do PET. It's all we do.

Positron Corporation was established in 1983, and has been in continuous operation since then in Houston, Texas. Our purpose was to design and market a truly clinical whole body PET scanner. This was accomplished in 1988. Since then, Positron PET scanners have been used to perform clinical PET scans in oncology, cardiology and neurology on thousands of patients. As a technology company, Positron Corporation is continually developing enhancements that provide the highest quality imaging with the versatility to access new patient procedures as they are approved for clinical application and reimbursement.

In the early years, Positron was known for its expertise in clinical cardiac PET imaging. In 1995, Positron's users performing cardiac PET were the first to receive Medicare reimbursement. Clinical PET cardiac perfusion imaging was approved for reimbursement in 1995, and to this day the majority of the centers doing Rubidium-82 perfusion imaging, do so with Positron Corporation PET scanners.

ACP Technology™ is proprietary and only available from Positron. This unique performance component built into every mPower™ whole body PET scanner results in the best PET scanner for clinical oncology, cardiology and neurology. ACP Technology in Positron Corporation PET scanners drives performance with the highest sensitivity, highest count-rate capability, the best sampling, clinical resolution, slice uniformity, slice-to-slice uniformity and accuracy for locating and quantifying lesions. In addition, the mPower™ is the most versatile for today's PET imaging requirements. This is the only scanner fast enough to deliver all of the oncology and neurology applications and dynamic quantitative cardiac perfusion with Rb-82. And, as oncology expands with the newest applications, the Positron mPower™ will be the only PET scanner capable of performing dynamic oncology imaging.

We designed the mPower™ for maximum image quality, accuracy and versatility; then we learned how to drive the cost of production down while maintaining performance. In this time of reimbursement uncertainty, it is nice to know that with mPower™ you are getting the best in clinical PET imaging technology while saving as much as $500,000 over competitive scanners.

At Positron we always say...

The Best PET Imaging Is More Than A Coincidence.

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