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At Nuclear Fields we have been making collimators for the nuclear medicine market for over 20 years. Worldwide demand for our products has led us to expand from our birthplace in the Netherlands, and our manufacturing and sales centres now span the globe. Our second manufacturing facility was established in Australia 13 years ago and we set up a sales office in the USA 5 years ago.

Nuclear Fields is the number one producer of cast collimators in the world, and the global leader in collimator technology. We work closely with major research facilities around the world to break new ground in nuclear medicine imaging. We pioneered every type of collimator at the heart of every commonplace nuclear medicine procedure today. We developed every kind of emission/transmission and focusing collimator that there is, and we have recently developed 511keV collimators for imaging positron emitters.

Nuclear Fields is the only company concerned about collimator quality, since we know the impact this has on the quality of your images. We have worked hard to break the perception that collimators are just another accessory to your camera system, but the recent price-war between camera manufacturers has overshadowed the real issues. Using smart marketing tactics, some manufacturers have out-maneuvered others in their quest to get market share. Unfortunately the real casualty in this price-war has been collimator quality (and therefore image quality), a fact that some camera manufacturers have taken care to disguise.

Nuclear Fields is a relatively small company and we cannot match the resources of the camera manufacturers in promoting our products and highlighting the importance of them to your image quality. However we are a firm believer that if nuclear medicine is to compete with other diagnostic modalities and survive, image quality should be the sole motivator. Collimator quality is an essential factor in this.


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