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Includes pReference® IMRT, CompMILL™ production system, DoseComp™ milling service and more.
  Patient Positioning & Fixation
We offer a collection of precision-crafted, “multiple solutions” in a full range of prices for every treatment procedure and anatomical area.
Stereotactic Radiosurgery
We’re pleased to offer pReference®, the original frameless system for fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy and single dose radiosurgery.
  Medical Physics/QA/Dosimetry
Our Elite™ line of medical physics devices is an unique and comprehensive collection of innovative, precision - designed, cost - effective measurement and quality assurance tools.
We are proud to offer a full line of high-quality brachytherapy devices and tools.
  Custom Blocking/Mold Room
We have everything needed in the radiation therapy “mold room” to create custom blocking to shape the radiation beam.
Patient Shielding
Our line of patient shielding products provide accurate reproducible positioning during radation.
Patient Care
This special line of skin and hair care products is designed to provide gentle, effective care for patients undergoing radiation therapy.
Miscellaneous Products
DPS™ Digital Photo system, ALRA Skin care, skin markers, and other miscellaneous equipment & accessories.
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