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MarShield manufactures lead shielding products for medical imaging / x-ray, nuclear medicines and electromagnetic applications. Mars Metal carries a large inventory of x-ray grade lead sheet. Custom thickness' and sizes, as well as lead-lined gypsum board can be produced to order.

For x-ray rooms and hot-cell applications, MarShield custom casts straight and interlocking lead bricks, lead-lined containers, and custom lead castles. A custom casting can be produced to meet your exact radiation shielding requirements.

For shielding in hard to reach areas, lead shot, is available from stock in 25 LB bags, in a #8 (.090") size. Custom sized shot bags can be made to order.


Interlocking and Straight Lead Bricks

Straight and fully interlocking cast, lead bricks are available for your nuclear, medical, x-ray or gamma radiation shielding requirements.

MarShield's interlocking lead bricks are fully interlocking, with tongue and groove on 4 sides, for maximum radiation protection and wall stability. Available sizes are:



Straight / Non-Interlocking

1" x 4" x 12"

1-1/2" x 4" x 12"

1-3/4" x 4" x 12"

2" x 4" x 12"

2" x 4" x 6"

2" x 4" x 8"

2" x 4" x 12"

***Custom tooling can be produced to match your exact requirement.***


Lead Shot

Shot is commonly used for shielding in where cracks and voids exist. They are convenient for sealing unexpected radiation leaks around pipes, cracks, crevices and other unforeseen situations.

Lead shot is available from stock in 25 LB bags or produced to order in 45 gallon drums. A #8 or .090" shot is stocked, however we can produce custom sized shot to your specifications.

MarShield is able to provide custom sized shot bags which are sewn into ballistic nylon bags. Bags can be manufactured to be flexible, enabling them to be molded to fit your shielding application. Screen printing of the bags is also available for ease of identification.


Lead Shot Sizes

Diameter in Inches

Diameter in Millimeters
























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