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Gamma Camera, Vaiable Angle Dual-Head Camera for SPECT, whole body and planar imaging (available in single head upgradable to dual); Fixed 90 deg Cardiac Camera; Single head X-ring for all imaging applications; three models of planar imaging cameras and a dedicated four head camera for SPECT / PET studies (brain, newborn and small animal)
Brachytherapy, IMRT, Medical Physics, Patient Shielding, Patient Positioning & Immobilization, Stereotactic Radiosurgery
Brachyterapy & Oncology, Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Cardiography, Radiation Dosimetry, PET 511 Products, Surgical Probe
Radiotherapy and X-ray Test Equipment and Survey Meters
First Commercialized PET System developed and protected by unique patients giving it significant advantages over other PET systems.
X-Ray test equipment, Radiation Protection and Light measuring equipment.
Nuclear Medicine Computer with Merge and 3D capability.
Protective Aprons, Dental Aprons
BioDex Nuclear Medicine, X-ray Supplies, Radiotherapy Supplies, Thyroid Systems
lti.jpg (10460 bytes) Gamma Counters and Chemiluminesence Systems
accusync.jpg (5165 bytes) Nuclear Medicine Gates, ECG and Gamma Counters
Personal radiation protection, storage and shielding product solutions.
Remanufactured Gamma Cameras and New Nuclear Medicine Computers
Inovision - Nuclear Associates Inc. Nuclear Medicine, X-Ray and Radiotherapy Supplies
Collimators, Surgical Probe
Tri/Bor Medical Lung Aerosols
Ultra Ray Lead Protection Accessories, Patient Supports
Lead Products and Supplies

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