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Since 1983, LTI has been providing the scientific and medical communities with state of the art diagnostic instrumentation.

Our engineering staff comes from diverse backgrounds which include extensive work in: gamma/beta detection, photon counting, multichannel analysis, image analysis, nuclear imaging and nuclear spectroscopy to name a few.

Our renowned GENESYS Series Gamma Counters have set a new standard in laboratories worldwide for the user friendly operation and unprecedented reliability.

The new ACCULYTE Luminescence system defines new levels of sensitivity and dynamic range.

GENESYS5000 - Multi-well gamma counter

GENESYSGAMMA 1 - Single well gamma counter

ACCULYTE 10 - Chemi/Bioluminescence System

LTI MULTI - CALIBRATORS - I125 & Co57 Reference sources

BIND-IT - I125/I126/I131 Decontamination fluid

BIND-IT I125/II26/I131 Decontamination hand soap

CHECK-IT - Linearity standards

ACCESSORIES - Trays & carriers, well liners, roll paper, ink, etc.

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