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GENESYS 5000 Series Multi-Well Gamma Counters:

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Compact Design
Components of the Genesys 5000 fit neatly into a single compact unit occupying less than 30" of bench space.

The Genesys 5000 offers unsurpassed reliability. The Genesys 5000 is not effected by magnetic fields, dirt, dust, humidity and mechanical failure that plague magnetic media devices.

Data Reduction
The Genesys 5000 employs the most advanced data reduction. User selectable parameters include: type of graph paper, response variable and curve calculation method. Flexible enough to accommodate all your immunoassay needs, the Genesys' 5000 data reduction has become the industry standard.

Quality Control
Assay Q.C. parameters may be stored and tracked over extended periods. Fully documented reports are available at the touch of a finger; complete with clear, concise Levey-Jennings plots.

Instrument Q.C. is fully documented. Automatic background subtraction, efficiency calculations, Chi Square and detector matching are just a touch away.

Built-in service diagnostics allow Genesys 5000 to test it's own voltage levels, memory, printer, and touch screen.

The Genesys 5000 offers more flexibility in assay editing than any gamma counter ever available. Our exclusive historical template tracks and compares the binding of each standard curve point over time to insure lot-to-lot integrity of your assays and provide an accurate reference for standard point editing.

Standards, controls, and Q.C.'s may be fully compared on the fly...even as the rest of the assay is counting.

The Genesys 5000's unique Patient Editing allow full post processing capabilities to handle dilutions, range modifications, deletions, etc....and of course all editing is documented.

Isotope Selection
Multiple isotopes may be counted on the Genesys 5000. Automatic spilldown correction for dual labeled assays, and crossover correction for high energy isotopes (up to 1,000 Kev). Advanced, high speed circuitry contains automatic dead time correction for unmatched count rate stability.

The Genesys 5000 contains two bidirectional interface ports. Full software and hardware handshaking and a uniform field output allows once difficult interfaces to be completed in mere hours. The Genesys 5000 even has the ability to take counts from another gamma counter to standardize data processing and computer interfacing.

General Specifications:
Detectors  NaI(tl) Integral line thin wall well
Efficiency  Better than 80% for I125 or Co57
Background Less than 45 cpm for I125 window
Tube size range Up to 16 mm diameter with unlimited length
Dimensions 28" (71 cm) W, 20" (50 cm) D, 15"(38 cm) H
Weight 5 well =115 lbs.(52.1 kg)..10 well =130 lbs.(59.9 kg)
15 well =145 lbs.(65.7 kg)....20 well =160 lbs.(75.5 kg)
25 well = 175 lbs. (79.3 kg)

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