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MODEL 10100A Featuring Model 35050A Dosimeter

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  • Simplified controls with auto reset, autoranging, automatic offset and drift compensation, and automatic power-down
  • Direct readout in user-selected units, including R, Sv, Gy, A, C, /sec, /min, /hr, /frame.
  • Image intensifier measurements at 0.1mR and 0.1mR/sec resolution; cine in mR/frame.
  • kVp and exposure time measurements when the Model 35050A is used with a Keithley Model 35080A Non-invasive kVp Divider.
  • Automatic linearization of Wide-range, CT, and Mobile FilterPacks when used with a Model 35080A Non-invasive kVp Divider.
  • Linear Mammo FilterPack kVp corrected based on Mammo K-edge FilterPack when used with a Model 35080A Non-invasive kVp Divider.
  • Battery operation and 300V electronic ion chamber bias; auto power-down feature extends battery life.
  • Compatible with new TRIAD QA for Windows Software through RS-232 interface.

The TRIAD Kit, Model 10100A, is a full-function, x-ray dosimeter kit that performs highly sensitive measurements in all modalities for x-ray field service, calibration, and quality assurance testing. The Model 10100A TRIAD Kit features the Model 35050A Dosimeter, a technologically advanced, microprocessor-controlled, x-ray radiation dosimeter. The Model 10100A TRIAD Kit also includes ion chambers and test stand, triaxial cable, coaxial cable, HVL filter set, RS-232 interface cable with adapters, customization software, instruction manual, and customized carrying case.

The TRIAD Kit, Model 10100A, is used for government compliance testing, troubleshooting, repair of diagnostic x-ray equipment, installation and setup of new equipment, preventive maintenance, radiographic quality assurance measurements, and measurements required for JCAHO accreditation. The TRIAD Kit performs measurements for all modalities: radiography, fluoroscopy, mammography, CT, cine, image intensifiers, and dental.


Triad Model 10100A

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