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Keithley's New Laser TLDŽ DoseMapping Service:

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DoseMap is the fast and convenient new reading service for Keithley's highly versatile laser heated thermoluminescent dosimetry (Laser TLD) sheets. Revolutionary Laser TLD technology quickly captures the two-dimensional dose patterns of dynamic radiation fields. It's ideal for medical and health physics applications that require high spatial resolution dose measurements or wide dynamic range such as:  

  • Multi-beam QA
  • Shielding Verification
  • Scatter Detection & Location
  • Treatment Plan Verification
  • Dynamic Beam QA
  • Brachytherapy Source QA
  • Beam Abutment Verification

The DoseMap process is easy to follow. When you purchase a DoseMap reading, Keithley loans you a Laser TLD sheet. Once you have exposed the sheet to a radiation field, return it to Keithley. Keithley will read the TLD sheet via Laser and e-mail the results to you as an Excel file. The 2,60l individual dose values recorded in the Excel file provide a detailed two-dimensional dose profile of the radiation field.

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