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Model 7200 Double Check:

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  • 10 Ion Chambers Measure Photons and Electrons
  • Detachable Detector Array with 50 foot cable for remote operation
  • Calibration and Data Storage for 6 machines, 12 energies, 31 days
  • Permits immediate comparison of Daily Reading to Baseline Measurement
  • Simultaneously checks symmetry, flatness, beam and energy constancy
  • Accommodates standard 20 X 20 cm and 10 X 10 cm field sizes
  • Cavity for use with Farmer type (0.6cc) ion chambers
  • Large high contrast display for automatic dose and rate measurement
  • Simultaneous information display
  • Permits "tweaking-on-the-fly"


The Inovision Model 7200 Double Check is a portable, easy to use, daily check device for linear accelerator quality assurance. Ten chambers are positioned to simultaneously check beam constancy, symmetry, flatness, and energy constancy. Nine chambers are used for verification of flatness, symmetry, and dose constancy while a special filtered chamber provides energy constancy information. Its unique, detachable detector and the included 50 ft (15.24 m) cable allow the Model 7200 to be used as a single module or a two-piece, remote readout device. The large LCD display, accessible internal measurement storage, and computer interface provide for ease of use, comparison, and record keeping.


Model 7200

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