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Model 489-110D "Pancake" GM Probe:

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  • High detection efficiency
  • Ergonomic design
  • Light weight
  • Detachable probe cable
  • BNC or MHV connector
  • Easy to decontaminate


The Inovision Model 489-110D Pancake Probe is a hand-held, thin window detector designed for alpha, beta, and gamma radiation measurements. It is designed for use in conjunction with standard GM survey instruments, and is configured for operating convenience in table top and floor surveys as well as surveys of personnel and equipment. For storage and carrying ease, the probe fits into the standard probe holder on a survey meter.

To use the probe, attach the connector to the probe input on the survey meter and place the window in proximity to the surface to be surveyed. A screen protects the thin mica window to facilitate rapid frisking of flat surfaces. The open area of the hexagonal stainless steel screen is 86%.

Model 489-110D

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