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Model 440RF/D Low Energy RF Shielded Survey Meter:

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  • Meets 21 CFR 1020.10 Television Receiver and 21 CFR 1020.40 Cabinet X-ray Systems requirements for radiation surveys
  • Insensitive to 20 mW/cm2 RF fields
  • Resolves 0.02 mR/h from 15 kilovolt X-rays
  • Auto-zeroing
  • New CMOS design for stability and performance
  • Batteries accessible from outside instrument
  • Available in Si units



The 440 RF/D is a highly sensitive, low energy, RF shielded survey meter suited for fast, accurate measurements of background and other low radiation levels. Survey meter design is based on the latest CMOS microprocessor technology. The RF shielded instrument is the basis of measurement for radiation exposure in the color television industry.

The440 RF/D has EIA approval and is designed to meet the radiation sensitivity and measurement geometry requirements for television receivers set forth by the U.S. Department of HEW. 21 CFR 1020.10 requires "Radiation exposure rates produced by a television receiver shall not exceed 0.5 milliroentgens per hour at a distance of five (5) centimeters from any point on the external surface of the receiver, as measured in accordance with this section."

Model 440 RF/D

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