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Model 190 Survey and Count Rate Meter:

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  • Analog / digital display

  • Data logging

  • Rate / Integrate

  • Time integrator

  • Backlighted display

  • Response time selection

  • Interchangeable probe adapter module


  • Error free visual indication

  • Reduced exposure to technician

  • Auto dose accumulation

  • Exposure time verification

  • Use in low light areas

  • Increase accuracy in counting

  • Multiple probe use


The Model 190 Survey and Count Rate Meter is an easy to use instrument designed to meet the high tech requirements of health and medical physics applications. It is compatible with GM detectors, neutron probes, proportional probes, and scintillation probes operating from 300 to 1300 volts. Depending on probe selection, the Model 190 detects alpha, beta, gamma, neutron, or X-ray radiation within an operating range of 1 ÁR/hr to 1 R/hr or 1 CPM to 1,000,000 CPM. The unit is available with either MHV or BNC connector, to provide the user versatility in probe selection.

The Model 190 Survey and Count Rate Meter features several user-selectable parameters, entered via the top panel pushbuttons or via computer through an optional infrared communicator. Light activates a background light for a preset time period. Mode rolls through and displays the available units for the selected mode of operation. Log enters and sequentially labels the displayed data into a data log. Rate/Integ allows the user to select the mode of display. Resp Time rolls through and displays available response times (3, 6, 12, and 24 seconds) for user selection. Audio allows the user to turn on/off the audio indicator.

Visual indication of selected parameters, as well as measured values, are displayed on the analog/digital display.

The Model 190 Survey and Count Rate meter, with purchased probe, is shipped calibrated and ready to use.

Model 190

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