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A valuable tool for safely preparing patient doses. The new Spring-Arm Dose Dispensing Station is a remarkably functional, easy to use and safe dose drawing system. The "Spring-Arm" allows the user to move the leaded vial shield to any position without having to lock and unlock the arm to remain in the desired location. The Dose Drawing Syringe Shield twist-locks into the top of the Dispensing Station Shield, relieving the user from having to hold the weight of the syringe shield.
The Complete System is Comprised of:
  • Spring-Arm Station securely mounted on a Base Plate
  • Lead Shield permanantly affixed to the end of the Arm
  • Vertical L-block with a 2" lead brick and lead glass viewing window
  • New Design 511 T-Vial
  • 511 Dose Drawing Syringe Shield

Capintec has designed the new Spring-Arm Dose Dispensing System to offer the greatest amount of radiation shielding protection available when drawing patient or QC dose volumes, while allowing the greatest ease and simplicity of operation. 

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