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Compliance and Regulation:

Radiation Safety Video Library 

Decontamination & Sampling:

Radiacwash Wipe Test Smears
Dose  Calibrators:
Atomlab 100
Atomlab 100  Plus
Atomlab 200
Atomlab 300 PET Dose Calibrator
Dose Calibrator  Shielded Workstation
Lineator  for QC
Film Handling and Storage:
Duplicator/Subtractor Film Duplicator
Imaging  Accessories:
Imaging Chair
Easy Mover
Antistatic/Bacteriostatic Spray
"Gortex" Table Pad
SPECT Arm Boards
Custom Table Pads
SPECT Hand Grips
Head Motion Restrictor
Imaging Arm Rest
Patient Arm Support
Arm Support Strap
Breast Compression Sling
Single/Double Arm Support Rests

Mammo Scintigraphy Table Overlay
CT Imaging Arm Rest
Scintimammography Mattress
Special Procedure Skull Series
Positioning Wedges
Gamma Camera Shield
Cardiac Masking Cape
Vertex Scanning Cape
Injection Stand
Injection Chair
Accessory Cart

Imaging  Tables:
Panoramic 980 XYZ Imaging Table
XY Imaging  Table
Panoramic  Large Field Scanning Table
Panoramic Imaging Table
Scanning  Cot
Lead-Lined  Cabinets:
Radioisotope Storage Modules
Receiving,  Holding and Storage Module
Receiving  and Holding Module
Preparation  Enclosure
Enclosure  Base Module
Unit Dose  Module
Sink and  Decay Storage Module
Sink and  Waste Module
Sink Module
Generator and Storage Module
Waste Module
Decay Module
Lead Storage  Safe
Lead Lined  Refrigerator
Decay and Storage Module
Waste and Storage Module
Lead-Lined  Storage Shielding:
Table Top  Lead Barrier Shields
Portable Bench Shield
Betacab Workstation
Beta Containers
Lead Lined  Waste Container
Shielded  Decay Drum

Shielded Decay Barrels
Lead-Lined Storage Cabinet
Small Cylindrical Lead Container
Rectangular Lead Container
Interlocking Lead Bricks

Nuclear Cardiology:
� Universal Rolling Stress Attachment
� Cardiac Stress System
AccuSync 7
R-Wave Trigger Monitors
Personal Radiation Protection:

Unit Dose Wall Rack
Lead Plastic Full Face Shield
Lead Glass Goggles
Uni-Glass Eye Shield
Splash Guard Glasses
Vest/Skirt Apron

Sof-Skin Coat Apron
Lightweight Easy Wrap Apron
Radiation Resistent Gloves
Lead Foil
Lead Vinyl Sheets

PET  Shielding for 511 keg:
L-Block Shield
Rolling Radiation Shields

Patient Loading Shield
PET Transport Container

PET/SPECT Performance Phantom
Data Spectrum's SPECT Phantoms
Data Spectrum's Body Contour Rings
Data Spectrum's  Anthropomorphic Torso Phantom
Data Spectrum's  Anthropomorphic Fillable Breast Phantom
Data Spectrum's  Anthropomorphic Breast Accessory Set
Data Spectrum's  Line Fixture
Data Spectrum's  Ultra Deluxe Cold Rod Insert
Data Spectrum's  Hot Spot Insert
Data Spectrum's  Triple Line Insert
Data Spectrum's  Hoffman Brain Phantom
Data Spectrum's 3D Hoffman Brain Phantoms

Data Spectrum's Hoffman
Multi-Compartment 2-D Brain Phantom

Data Spectrum's Hollow Spheres
Data Spectrum's  Micro Hollow Sphere Set
Data Spectrum's  Cardiac Insert and Defect Set
Data Spectrum's Lung Phantoms
Data Spectrum's  NEMA PET Phantom
Dynamic Cardiac Function Phantom
BRH Test Pattern
Thyroid Phantom
Thyroid Uptake Neck Phantom
Bar Phantom
Flood Phantom
P.L.E.S. Phantom
Pulmonary  Imaging:
Venti-Scan III
Cadema Compatibles
Pulmonex  II
Xenon Convenience Kits
Soft Seal Air-Cushioned Face Masks
Face Mask Harness
Face Mask Retainer
Xenon System Disposables
Disposable Bacteria Filters
Drierite, Indicating Moisture Absorber
Soda-Lime, CO2 Absorber
Xenon-133  Rebreathing System
Free-Breathing Pulmonex Hose Kit
XenoVAP Administration System
Radiopharmaceutical Kits:
The Sourcerer
0.9% Sodium Chloride U.S.P.
Aluminum Breakthru Kit
Stannous Concentration Kit
Tec-Control Kits
Cobalt-57 Flood Sources
Cobalt-57 Rectangular Flood Source
Rod Sources
Dose Calibrator Sources Decay Schedule
Dose Calibrator Reference Sources
Liver Marker/Ruler
Fillable Point Source Marker
Spot Marker Source
Flexable Marker Source
Penpoint Marker Source
Line Sources
Radioactive Ruler
Check Source
Syringe  Shielding & Handling:
Pro-Tec IV High Density Full-View Syringe Shield
Pro-Tec III  Syringe Shield
Pro-Tec II  Syringe Shield
Pro-Tec PET Syringe Shield
High Density Lead Glass Syringe Shield
Color-Coded Lead Glass/Acrylic Syringe Shield
Dose Drawing Syringe Shields
Pro-Tec �  Syringe Shield
Syringe Shield Holder
Color Coded  Vial Shields
Vial Shields
Tungsten Shields
Dispensing Station
High Density Lead Glass Vial Shield
Lead-Lined Storage Containers
Lead-Lined Sharps Shield
Dual Container Sharps Shield
Lead-Shielded Syringe Holder
Lead Shielded Multiple Syringe Holder
Lead-Lined Syringe Carrier
Unit Dose Syringe Pig

Thyroid  Uptake:
Atomlab 950 Thyroid Uptake System  Atomlab 930 Thyroid Uptake System

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