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Dose Calibrator Sheilded Workstation:


The Atomlab 100 Dose Calibrator uses specially designed software and microprocessor technology to provide fast, accurate activity measurements with performance that easily surpasses the latest, most stringent regulatory requirements.
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ATOMLAB 100plus
The new Atomlab 100plus Dose Calibrator performs all standard dose calibrations and then some. Specially designed electronics and software allow the user to perform accurate radionuclide measurements fast, easily and with results that are guaranteed to surpass the latest and most stringent regulatory requirements.
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The Atomlab Dose Calibrator family uses state-of-the-art technology to address the technical, regulatory, and administrative needs of the Nuclear Medicine Department.
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The Atomlab 300 PET Dose Calibrator is designed specifically to meet the needs of Positron Emissions Tomography.
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